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Some Schnellboot history

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HI all,


10 hours ago, aboomination said:



IIRC some time ago I saw one documentary about them on "ViaSat History" and they were restoring the "130"... that must be the very same ship... :Smile_honoring:



Leo "Apollo11"

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nice one @aboominationAlways been a Schnellboot fan myself. Some of the best Torpedo boats around and could also operate in relatively heavy weather. Though Finnish Navy in the end opted to get the Italian MAS torpedo boats instead. We did however acquire some German naval assets as well...:cap_hmm:




-> It is something called a "Heavy Gun Raft", which basically was made up of 2 connected pontoon rafts with outboard motors at the back, heavily armed with 2*88mm, 1*37mm and 2*20mm Flak Vierlings. Top speed was something like 6-8 knots. Hehehe! Magnificent! :cap_like:


Especially when you consider that most of the remaining Finnish Fleet consisted of some things like this:


But hey, whatever works. We did manage to keep the Russian navy bottled up in Kronshtadt harbour for nearly the entire ww2 with them things so they must have been totally awesome too right? :cap_haloween:


Well, I admit there may have been a couple of these Schnellboote stationed nearby in Estonia at the time which may have helped a bit too...:Smile_Default:

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I found that YouTube channel 'Mark Felton Productions' a week or so ago and subscribed to it - there is a wide variety of interesting videos there.

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