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Repeated crashes in ranked MM

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So first of all, I want to apologise if 'Gameplay' isn't the Troubleshooting section. I could't find one on the forum, so I just put this here.


When I search for a ranked game, there seems to be a certain chance that, upon finding a game (the circle around the WoWs logo stops spinning), the screen will flicker and then turn black. Waiting on the black screen results in nothing, and pressing the windows key doesnt minimize the game like it would do normally. The application is completly unresponsive. Even worse, my usual go-to Strg-Alt-Entf to bring up the task manager does nothing as well, and also prevents me to move my cursor around or doing anything at all afterwards. So I have to restart my whole PC when this happens. The team is always happy when I arrive to a lost game 6 minutes late ofc :(

I never have eperienced anything like this in randoms or scenarios (but I don't play those often). Drivers are up to date, and all the usual rest, so if someone has an idea or similar experiences, drop them here.

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