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How to get mods working again?

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as of the current update 0.7.9., a number of mods from the Aslain mod pack i use have just stopped working. initially I thought they had just not been added to the early versions of the pack but apparently that was not the cause, i got all the mod pack updates and the ones I am missing the most (Badobest Side Panels V.2 and Minimap by Autospy) still refuse to work.


I already asked in the Aslain thread but all he could do was try my specific mod combination to see if they maybe interfere with each other, which apparently they don't.


I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the complete pack, having the installer delete the cached mod pack files, and performing a WGCheck a few times. If anybody has other suggestions this side of a complete game re-install, I'd appreciate it.


Other mods that were always a bit flakey and currently don't work include "Navigator left side" and "Smoke counter centered".

Disable login video, Dogtag Remover and the Score timer also broke but have simply started working again as of the mini patch to

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