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Islands of Ice redesign: total garbage

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I really don't understand this redesign.

Each of the caps now has the same problem: too many islands to hide behind, so it is easy to get stalemated.

Now you either need to push and turn a flank, or DDs have to push almost suicidally as their backup predictably hovers well behind them and can't hit the ships camping behind the islands.

The only way to win is to benefit from mistakes made by the other team.

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I was too late to experience the oldest version. It looks interesting. Most high tiers maps seem very open terrain. There is no area with lots of tight spots and islands where you go around the corner and suddenly you are face to face with an enemy ship at 4 km. You know some more torpedo alley BB no-go zone.

I tried the Re-Design. I went traditionally for what once was the northern cap and got deleted on my first go within a few minutes. The new Islands of Ice is very similar to Tears of the Desert and Mountain Range. Those maps see lots of BBs shooting at anything from 20km away. The former A cap in the north of Islands of Ice was a nice spot for bottom tier cruisers that really had no impact on the main battle around C. That was not a bad feature.


Applying the same logic we should soon see the islands isolating the flanks of Fault Line gone. WG, if you look for a symmetric map, just remove all but the Ocean map. Extreme maps are a valid game experience and are not bad and not unfair as long as everybody has an equal chance of getting the short stick.

We got the Ocean map, a map where any gunboat or cruiser starts cursing. I don't know a map that makes BBs curse. If the maps are that open, at least give us a side show.

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