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Ranked Season 10 (why dont we have a sticky topic yet?)

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There has been quite a few ranked threads recently.

The last couple Ranked seasons we had a sticky thread for ranked discussion.

@MrConway make one of them sticky?


I'll start out with my experience, which was the best so far out of all ranked seasons.

The level of communication chat usage and teamplay was the highest I have seen so far. Most games saw chat full of communication


Started out late, which may explain the easy road to Rank1 - 107 games, 66 of them in Grozevoi with 74% wr and the rest in Worchester plus a few in YY.

All in all it was a very pleasant experience, which made me wonder what made this season different from previous seasons.


Starting out from my expectations, they were pretty bad due to controversionally OP ships like Stalingrad and Harugumo, Worchester having been added to the game since last season.

What I immediately noticed was teams generally split up in sensible groups, tried to think about creating crossfires, and radar cruisers going to their designated spots without urging.

It was certainly very different from the very campy ranked meta in S9, where DDs were few and far between and often refused to go anywhere near the "contested" caps, resulting in many frustrating lemmingtrains.


Of course there were the occasional selfish star-farmers were present (or plain "special players"), but they were a much more rare breed  - at most one per team and rarely every game.

Maybe it is due to me playing destroyers for stability, because I know there will always be at least one competent dd on the team.


What are your impressions?

Did you see selfish play due to star preservation frustrating teamplay?


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Up until yesterday i was mostly fine with the ranked season so far.

Some communication, alltho not always needed. It just felt that 90% of the time players did the right thing (even at the lower ranks, since im only at R9 now). Since yesterday? Some giant toilet bowl opened and flushed all the :etc_swear: and :etc_swear: out of hiding. Lost 3 games today out of 5, and not only were the players utterly bad, they insulted each other and everyone else throughout the entire match! They started instantly at the start and didnt stop.

I mean, you get bad teams from time to time, but what was going on today is just insane even for WoWs standards. Thats really so bad i dont want to continue anymore now, because if you have that kinda attitude, you will drag your team down with you.

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