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After not being too interested in WoWs for quite some time, I realized that I forgot how often the chance to shoot down a plane from medium and small AA guns is applied per second.


Edit: First part is answered, see post below.




Also I found this in a text file:


Max Disp = 15m + 7.5m × Firing Range in km

Function 1 holds for ALL destroyers w/ guns from 76mm to 150mm, plus Albany, Altanta, Flint, Hashidate, Chikuma, Zao, Hermelin, Orlan, Diana, Aurora.

Max Disp = 33m + 6.9m × Firing Range in km

Function 2 holds for all cruisers except those separately mentioned. And make no mistakes, this function applies to Moskva and Henry IV indeed.

Max Disp = 48m + 8.4m × Firing Range in km

Function 3 holds ONLY for Graf Spee.

Max Disp = 60m + 10m × Firing Range in km

Function 4 holds for ALL US battleships.

Max Disp = 84m + 7.2m × Firing Range in km

Function 5 holds for ALL Japanese battleships.

Max Disp = 66m + 9.8m × Firing Range in km

Function 6 holds for ALL German battleships

Max Disp = 51m + 10.3m × Firing Range in km

Function 7 holds ONLY for Warspite and Hood.

Max Disp = 30m + 60m × Firing Range in km

Function 8 holds for ALL types of secondary guns on all ships.

Note 1: The function maintains linear, thus you can find the dispersion at any given distance, just plug in the numbers.

Note 2: The accuracy buffs & debuffs apply AFTER where the maximum dispersion is calculated.


Quickly checking those numbers still seem to be correct, however I dont have any info about the french BBs, does anyone know about them?




Last but not least, does WG really dont track any of the new "Arms race" matches? Tried to look up how I did in trying that new mode, but couldnt find anything, again if anyone knows more, I would appreciate you sharing your knowledge.



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It's all been changed a while back but it's basically every "aura" gets rolled 7 times a second - I asked the same question on Reddit last week and got the answer from the US forum from Sub-Octavian (WG employee) with the correct info (even the WOWS Wiki is wrong) -




Answer from Sub -


Once per "tick" which is currently around 2 seconds. EDIT: I messed up my calculations. AA tick is 140 ms, sorry. Anyway......let me explain how "ticks" work. 


1. We determine current aura efficiency;

2. We determine average life time of one plane in this aura;

3. We determine maximum "ticks" which a plane can bear before destruction;

4. We determine number of ticks remaining;

5. We determine current probability of plane destruction.


1. Current aura efficiency (Et) is Et = Eb x Ek х %


Eb - base aura efficiency

Ek - all aura efficiency modifiers

% - aura efficiency percentage (depends on the remaining number of AA guns or planes, if we're talking about plane-to-plane combat)


2. Current average plane lifetime is determined as base average lifetime divided by current aura efficiency.


3. Maximum ticks is determined with taking into account the destruction time of previous plane by the same aura. This is needed to balance overall squadron destruction time while keeping plane destruction not so strict and unrealistically ordered.


So the first plane in a squadron maximum ticks (Tm1) = average plane lifetime for current aura efficiency. For the next planes this value will be Tm=Tp-Cp+Tm1/2


Tp is Tm for previous plane;

Cp is tick number when previous plane was destroyed;


4. Ticks remaining (T) for a plane is determined as T = Tm - Tp


5. Plane destruction probability for current tick (V) is V=100/T9100%/current ticks remaining).


So destruction probability for each tick depends on:


- Quantity of passed ticks - the less ticks remain, the more is probability (but maximum value for it is 90%);

- Average plane lifetime


Additionally, we reduce the number of extremely fast or slow plane destruction cases by using normal distribution when calculating "destruction plan".

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