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Discussion: The Joy of Losing

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Video is 6:23.


I think this is an interesting point and I feel like it is worth discussing.

I know that I for one have been guilty of getting more and more frustrated with strings of losses, and I know that I feel more frustrated nowadays than I did when I started almost two years ago. After watching the video I realised that what changed was I am now far more about preserving my pride at having a >50% Win Rating, and I have started to blame the team far more than I did as a newbie.

So, after watching the video I've been trying to stop caring so much about wins and losses and just try focusing on what I can do in the moment - if I'm already dead I try to offer my tactical knowledge/predictions - if I'm still alive but my team is melting around me, I try to think about where is the best place for my ship to go at the present time to continue to cap/do damage. It's surprising how games can seem to turn around when you just try to apply yourself to it.

When it comes to pessimism, I tend not to give in to it - in fact when someone else on the team is being defeatist I automatically try to work harder to prove them wrong. When I, myself, start to feel defeated (sometimes just by looking at the MM screen) I subconsciously push those thoughts away and approach the match in the same way I do every time (cap/support cap/spot/support spotting/etc.). Occasionally, I prove myself to be wrong.

So, I think we as a community could use with taking this video to heart to try and curb the rampant salt that gets generated from losses.


So, what do the forumites think?

How do we think we can start to 'enjoy losing'?



Sorry if my point is not exactly clear and I've rambled on a bit, its currently 4:15am and I really need to go to sleep.:fish_sleep:


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