Since the introduction of the new patch I'm having a hell lot of ping. SPECIALLY if I want to play Operation Dynamo. Ping could go as high as 3000 ms. At first I thought it was the fault of my lan wire. Then my windows, Then my game.   So, I reinstalled the game from scratch (even to a second hdd!) and nothing. Still having alot of ping. All the times. So, I thought it was the fault of my ISP, but for test that I played several battles in World of Tanks, and surprise! no ping at all (well, 30 ms) So, This happens ONLY on World of Warships. Also I'm having alot of ping ONLY on this forum.
So, anyone else has this problem?

Even if I'm the only one... WG, fix it!! (Do not let me hanging out with a bug like the silent plane bug... Which happened 12 versions ago and still wasn't fixed)