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An Idea For A Certain Submarine...

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(This Is More Of Me Rambling, So Keep That In Mind While Reading)

    So After Living Under A Rock For Some Time, I Saw That Wargaming Was (Maybe) Going To Slowly But Surely Introduce Submarines Into World Of Warships Through The Halloween Event This Year! Depending On If They DO Introduce Submarines, It Got Me Thinking About Some Of The Submarines They Could Implement Into The Game. While Some May Be Thinking About Famous Submarines Like The U-96, The Famous German Type VIIC U-Boat (Also Known For The Movie Das Boot) Or Perhaps The French Submarine Surcouf, I Have My Ideas Else Where. You See, There Is A Certain Submarine Of The American Balao Class That Takes The Cake For Me. This Submarine Is The USS Sealion II. Although This Submarine May Not Have A Rich, Action-Packed History Like Other Submarines, There Is One Event That Sticks Out In It's Service.


    On The Night Of November 21st, 1944, The  Uss Sealion II  Intercepted A Task Force Consisting Of The Japanese Destroyers Hamakaze, Isokaze, Urakaze, Yukikaze, Kiri, and Ume, The Cruiser Yahagi, And The Battleships Yamato, Nagato, And Kongo. During The First Attack, The Uss Sealion II Managed To Sink The Urakaze, But After A Couple Of Hours, Also Managed To Track Down And Sink The Kongo, Whom Had Broken Off From The Task Force After Sustaining 3 Torpedo Hits During The Sealion II's First Attack. Upon Kongo's Sinking, It Would Make Her The Only Japanese Battleship Sunk By A Submarine In WWII, And The Last One Sunk By Submarine In History. 
    On A Side Note, The Uss Sealion II Is The ONLY Submarine thought have  the ONLY surviving sound recordings of World War II submarine attacks, Which Can Still Be Listened To Today

I Know It Was Only One Event, But I Personally Think This Is What Makes Me Want The Ship (Or Maybe Just The Balao Class In Itself, Once Again Depending If Player Feedback Is Positive During The Halloween Event) So Much. The Fact This Submarine Got The Chance Of A Lifetime, And Managed To Not Only Sink A Destroyer, But A BATTLESHIP?! (Something Carriers Were More Likely To Do During The Pacific War, As Was The Case With The IJN Hiei, Who Was Sunk By Bombers From The USS Enterprise Following The First Naval Battle Of Guadalcanal In 1942 (The IJN Kirishima Was Also Sunk In 1942, But Was Sunk By The North Carolina Class Battleship USS Washington During The Second Naval Battle Of Guadalcanal), And The IJN Haruna Was Sunk By Task Force 38 In 1945 During An Air Raid In Kure) That's Quite An Achievement If You Ask Me. 

So, What Do You Think? I Know This Might Have Been A Bit Silly Of Me To Do, (Considering That Submarines Haven't Been Implemented Yet) I Wanted To Share An Idea Of A Ship I Would Like To See In The Game (If Player Feedback Is Positive After The Event And They Go Though With Adding Submarines).   And While On The Topic, What Submarines Would YOU Like To See? Feel Free To Share Your Thoughts If You'd Like!

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