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Bad game design plaguing 3rd anniversary experience.

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I thought I’d come back and enjoy some WoWs, just for the occasion.


Installer and launcher was breeze. Askains mods installed with ease.


Now, for the bad stuff.


Sin 1.

Game forces player to do things they do not like.


Want to play you favourite ship in ranked? Oops nope bad game u sank locked in port.

Finally progressed up the tech tree? New ship? Happy occasion?

Nope go retrain your commander. Can’t sell old ship because currently discounted. Old ship was also a bad ship compared to new ship. She’ll our free exp because I’m done with the waiting [edited]. Play commander on non-optimal ships (premium) and win or lose some. But not what I really wanted to do.

Want to play new ships? 

Prepare for uber grind. Prepare for uber farm coal or steel or whatever else makes you play ranked which you rarely want to touch again. Look forlongingly at those mid-tier ships of trees you started but can’t bother to grind.

Want to play T10?

Nope it’s campfest snipefest grieffest and teammates losing hope fest. Also radar fest and CV fest because why not. Sure the super containers are nice but seriously, I’ve had 700+ most flags since like 2 years ago.

Which brings us into ...


Sin 2.

Forces the player to enact violence upon other players. Players impose too directly upon other players without buffer.


I have touched upon this point before. While WoWs is pvp, and the game devs are a no-[edited] people, I think they took it too literally. A PvP game is still a game and entertainment, and not hardcore ladder trainer.


Ideally, player vs. player actions should be leveraged against the game system first, which then translates these aggressive actions into neutral system actions more balanced to “redistribute” those effects in a gentle and entertaining way back to players, or via affecting scoring instead of direct gain/lose from the players.


This adds depth to the game necessitating strategy and tactics to work the system, and eliminates a lot of direct feelings from both gaining side and losing side. 


I am am pretty sure I have stated this point from various perspectives in the past.


Sin 3.

Anniversary festival not festive enough.


I just came from a plethora of other triple A titles out there. A lot of them were merry and cheery and expertly developed. Excellent in both quantitative and qualitative aspects.


Some were lacking a bit. But during the time for WoWs to age even 3 years, they have released 3 generations already. At the minimal rate, they are not worse than the beat of WoWs.


Not to mention a great variety of other entertainment options that are not games. Or just other options I could have done. Than do 20 minute marches in a long completed game (yes it’s average 20 mins each of you count configure times queue times load times etc.) which can arbitrarily be a good experience, a bad experience, or a meh experience, meaning enjoyment chance is 1/3 instead of even a minimal 50/50. 


I expected at at least a “free” premium ship for returning (sure call me entitled). Or at least a combination of right factors to make me happy enough to spend money to buy a new premium or something for just the occasion. Nope. Nothing new, enticing, happy, or even on nostalgia and goodwill terms to make me want to spend money or devote more time and attention to the game.


On a side note, some of the historical writings from earlier were pretty nice, so gj on that.

I know no one will care and none of this will even remotely get to the devs (as usual) so I’ll stop bothering to write more now. Happy anniversary WoWs. You are dead to me.







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9 minutes ago, KarmaQU_EU said:

Bad game design plaguing the game since release


I fixed that for you.

You're welcome.

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17 minutes ago, KarmaQU_EU said:

Sin 2.

Forces the player to enact violence upon other players.

Well, any game where an objective is "sink all 12 enemy ships" is bound to get violent. Sometimes the enemy helps out with a TK, but typically those ships don't sink themselves.


In case that wasn't the point (and I guess it wasn't), you might want to work on the way you organise and present your thoughts, because I cannot discern much from your post, nor can I be bothered to dissect it in the hope to find something valuable. Short, concise, orderly, please. Thanks.

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