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lag in ranked + not loading support page

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Hello to whoever is taking time to read this!


All day long i am having one very annoying issue: whenever i start a ranked battle - my game starts lagging like crazy - from 500 to 2000+ ping

i never had such an issue before and tried playing random battles - suffered no lag issues, ping was good and no problems at all

then i tried ranked again - same issue. i decided that something might be wrong with the server, so i waited from morning until now, tried 1 game - same problem remains. 


tried to load the support page to submit a ticket, but i cant even do that - while everything else is running smoothly, wg support side is painfully slow to load


so i have decided to seek help here. i dont know if the problem is on my end or the server

i am not using ANY mods

if it was a problem with the server, obviously, i would have found some thread about it already...

HELP! :<

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I suffer too from lag during ranked. There s a lag between firing a salvo and the actual firing if the ship. I contacted support but wg is  the shittiest company in the entire game industry so.......

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me too. pls friends tell that problem techcih people pls. my ping 1000- 15000 pls tell them. i cant play all time ping up and low. my team friends report send me because of that sht problem. that problem is going on 1 hour.

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