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bots names

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In co-op battles we meet a lot of names of the bot-captains from various countries and navies. But I feel there is Japan underrepresented.

For example some noteworthy names appears missing:


Admiral Togo, who led the japanese fleet in the battle of Tsushima against the russian fleet.


Vice-Admiral Mikawa, who was temporarily successful in the battle of Savo island (Guadalcanal campaign)

or even

Admiral Yamamoto, the strategist behind the attack on Pearl Harbour, who was honoured by WG with a  collection.


And there are for sure more names available.

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I'm not familiar with the bot names, but perhaps they are based on notable persons from the EU, as this is the EU server? Or are there US examples?

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Indeed, the names of the bots are taken from many European navies, but mostly from before WW1:


-Arminjon - Vittorio Arminjon, Italian admiral, naval explorer

-Beatty - David Beatty, British admiral, commander of the battlecruisers in the battle of Jutland

-Bergamini - Carlo Bergamini, Italian admiral, died commanding the Roma in WW2

-Borckenhagen - Ludwig Borckenhagen, Imperial German naval strategist before WW1

-Bouvet - Fracois Bouvet, French Napoleonic admiral, led the attempt to invade Ireland

-Cunningham - several possible admirals, including Andrew Cunningham of Cape Matapan fame

-Duquesne - Abraham Duquesne, French Royal admiral, defeated Michiel DeRuyter in the Battle of Augusta

-Feldt - Australian commander, in WW2 he commanded the coastwatcher establishment

-Galler - Lev Galler, Soviet Russian admiral, Chief of Naval Staff

-Ghormley - Robert Ghormley, American admiral, dismissed in the early stages of the Guadalcanal campaign

-Halgan - Emmanuel Halgan, French Napoleonic admiral

-Ingenohl - Frierich von Ingenohl, Imperial German admiral, commanded the Navy in the early stages of WW1

-Kuznetsov - Nikolay Kuznetsov, Soviet admiral, saved the Soviet navy from destruction during the beginning of the Operation Barbarossa

-Makarov - Stepan Makarov, Imperial Russian admiral, commander of the Russian Pacific fleet during the Russo-Japanese war

-Martinengo - Federico Martinengo - Italian admiral, flying ace and commander of Italian anti-submarine forces in WW2

-Miaoulis - Andreas Vokos "Miaoulis", Greek admiral, commander of the Greek navy during the war of independence

-Moore - Graham Moore, British Napoleonic admiral, defeated the Spanish in the action of 5 October 1804

-Radford - several possible admirals, including Arthur Radford US carrier commander in WW2

-Riccardi - Arturo Riccardi, Italian admiral, chief of staff during WW2

-Souchon - Wilhelm Souchon, German Imperial admiral, commanded the Goeben in WW1

-Spee - Maximilian von Spee, German Imperial admiral, commander of the East Asia squadron in WW1

-Spruance - Raymond Spruance, American admiral,

-Tegetthoff - Wilhelm von Tegetthoff, Austro-Hungarian admiral, naval reformer and commander during the battle of Lissa

-Thomsen - Philipp Thomsen, fictional German submarine commander

-Tirpitz - Alfred von Tirpitz, German Imperial admiral, developed the navy before WW1

-Tourville - Anne-Hilarion de Tourville, French Royal admiral, won against the Anglo-Dutch fleet at Beachy Head

-Tributs - Vladimir Tributs, Soviet admiral, commander of the Baltic fleet in WW2

-Upham - Frank Upham, American admiral

-Wright - several possible admirals, including Thomas Wright, the father of Ecuadorian navy

-Yegorov - Georgiy Yegorov, Soviet admiral, WW2 submarine commander

-Zavoyko - Vasiliy Zavoyko, Imperial Russian admiral, commander of the siege of Petropavlovsk


Yes, Japanese admiral are completely missing from the list. Would be nice to see some new names chosen from among the less known commanders.

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