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New player observations, gripes and loves.

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Ive been playing every day now for a good few weeks and have ground every line to tier 5 and some tier 6. I run at least 5 point captains in every ship and play mostly co- op battles because I enjoy them. Here are my observations for what they are worth on my time in WoW as to the frustrating elements.


1) Tier 5 to Tier 6 is a massive xp jump especially if the lines split like the omaha - cannot it not be "flattened out" across the lower tiers so eg: tier 4 and 5 are slightly harder to get but tier 6 slightly less. I feel like im gonna be stuck with all the tier 5 BBs forever which brings me to my next issue.


2) 75% of my games played in tier 5 BBs are with tier 7 DDs this leads to 2 issues - firstly if the DDs are decent players they kill everything before my 19 knots gets me in to the action in my stock snail and secondly if I get hunted by a tier 7eemy DD I can do nothing to evade them. Im luck in those games if I come away with 10K damage - its OK if its a tier 5 game - I can do decent damage.


3) Tier 5 BB dispersion - (especially iron duke) - 6 salvos fired at graf spee broadside from 6km - not ONE hit - the salvos seem to have a ship shaped hole in the middle of them - very frustrating. The only BB that seems accurate to me at tier 5 is the Bretagne and im running that totally stock but always come away with a decent result.


4) Enemy DDs in co-ops seem programmed just to yolo at smoke screens can you make them "better" or have a different tactic - its annoying if your trying a "grown up" cap and the enemy just rush you - rarely happens in the randoms.


5) Finally the co-op battles where the allies have only 2 or 3 "real players" - twice this week Ive been in games where we had only 2 real players me in Konigsberg and a DD. We both did well - I got 75K damage and 3kills - DD got 4 kills. Result??  Enemy had 1 ship left - their carrier and we had three left our carrier and 2 cruisers - for the first time I actually watched the battle play out - the 2 carriers carried on fighting but only with each other - our 2 cruisers beached and took no further part in the remaining 4 minutes. We were ahead on points and had more ships left until the enemy carrier killed ours then found the beached cruisers. We lost - that is plainly UNFAIR.


I will finish this with one more thing - what a great game, great community and thankyou for pulling me away from the oh so broken World of Tanks.

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1. Believe me, that is chump change compared to later Tiers

2. Stay with your team, have a friendly DD between you and the enemy lines

3. Sometimes you are unlucky, but Tier V BB are quite accurate

4. Other people complain they are too hard, would prefer if they were better, too

5. Co-Op does not have that many players, especially during off-hours

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1) WG recently lowered the costs of research and purchase price of techtree ships up to tier 5. So basically it was more flattened out, but was actually more expensive and took a longer while.


I'm not sure why they changed this, it seemed fine to me and will result in people that reach tier 6 being a bit more inexperienced overall.

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I got two things.

Glad you enjoy the game but Dude, no disrespect, but Co-op is the dog shed.

Wargaming literally uses it to punish the dumbest and most obstinate teamkillers.


Some people have posted how the bots in Co-Op supposedly have been upgraded recently and are allegedly now performing more intelligently.

I have not seen any of that.

They are still completely predictable and dumb as sh|t, just yoloing suicidally straight in, DDs not even staying in their own smoke, always selecting only the nearest target while completely ignoring any other ships nearby.

Now this may be because I didn't go any higher in Co-Op than Tier V, because reasons.

But if that's really "most" of what you do, you are completely missing out.


2) You're not just missing out on the game, the challenge of playing other real people and the fun. Granted, there can also be plenty of pain because of all the sealclubbers. The learning curve can be steep and even lead you astray. But you are also missing out on a lot of goodies, a lot of XP and a lot of credits, because by and large, you get significantly more of all of these in random battles. Even if you perform poorly but especially if you perform OK. And that of course also makes your grind harder because many of the goodies, like camos and signal flags and credits, help speed up your progress.


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