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Hi there,


Are you a Dutch/Flemish speaking casual player? You looking for a clan, but not really interested in grinding hours a day because it is expected?

We are a group of friends playing mostly WoWs (started of in WoT years ago). We play for fun, enjoy the game and the company.

You are not the best player? Well, neither are we. Doesn't stop us from having some laughs and supporting the team best we can...

We play any tier, any class, as we feel like it. Usually random battles or operations, no real ambition for clan wars at this moment.

We don't like overly obscene language, teamkilling, solo-yolo players, warm beer or spoiled children.


Does this sound like your kind of clan?

Send me a message.


You not sure, no problem. We can play just as friends, without strings attached.


We use discord (free to download here) for voice comms (in Dutch).


See you soon!




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