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Maybe it's time to Clan up

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Hi, been playing this game since beta and had quite a few invites but never felt like joining a clan really as I always thought myself too old.

   Ran squads in Delta force (all versions) and still miss the banter must say.

 Guess I'm looking for a mature clan..no drama..easy going and active. Not fussed about clan wars or anything like that but would be a bonus.

  I speak English, Dutch and Italian.

    I have various tier ships from 5 till 10, enjoy DD's  a lot (Kamikaze R, Benson, Fletcher, Monaghan, Shima, Gadya mada, Fushun and others)  and cruisers (Atago, Zao, Roon, Hindenberg, Cleveland, Buffalo, Des Moines, Leander, Fiji, Minotaur) but not averse to a bit of BB action sometimes (Bismarck, Kii, Scharnhorst, Missouri ,Nelson  and Conqueror)

       I have no voice comms at the moment but thats not a problem and am willing to install whichever


My stats (for who gives a S*** :Smile_medal:https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/500236661-Mercster/!/pvp/overview/


Look forward to hearing from you







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We are looking for active new members who want to be part of our community and who'll join in, we run divisions daily, there is always someone to keep you company, we like to help our members with operations too - but we're also a group of more mature players, so we know family and work sometimes get in the way of gaming.


DAVY members are active in clan battles - ideally you would have (or be reasonably close to) at least a T10 cruiser or destroyer, 


There are a few rules:

Be active and use discord whenever you are in game.

Have a reasonable win rate (clan average is around 55%)

Minimum 1000 battles played

Speak English and meet with a recruiter on discord for a quick chat.

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Hi Mercster,


   Please check us out, we are OGHF (Old Gits Having Fun) we are a clan that was mainly born from World at War games, we have our own servers for World at War and Cod4 if you like playing that type of game. But we are part of the clan but we now play World of Warships. We use TS3 and enjoy friendly banter, our members hail from all over the world and you would be more than welcome to join us if you like what you see, check us out at www.oghf.org.uk.





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Ahoy Mercster

The Enigma Clan would be happy to have you should you be interested in our lovely little clan

We're still expanding, currently not having too many active members, but are looking into clan activities in the near future.

We use TS3 for comms and have a forum that we share with our more grounded armoured division



Berserker, TEC Naval Commander

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Hi Mercster


We have a great clan with a number of multi cultural backgrounds including British, Swedish, Dutch, Swiss and Cuban/Spanish members (all English speaking) and are looking for players with at least 1 tier 8 (non premium ship. We use discord and in game chat and also have a Facebook page for comms . Please check us out @ [SBS] Special Boat Service and apply in game or alternatively contact HMS_Edinburgh or HMS_BlackPud.   Cheers Pud

AAA Clan Image.png

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[HHOTN] Heathen Hammers of the North (EU)
- We are a small clan of adults
- We use Discord, and we do require you to use mic
- We do have TS as backup
- We will be joining Clan Battles
- Able to load the game
- Able to speak english
- Being mature and understand that some might have RL
- Have stats public even though we don't really care

Sounds OK? Contact me

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