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Missing Radar Pannel on Hindenburg Range Finder

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First I have to disappoint you, this is not some thread about wheather or not Hindenburg should get Radar.


So with the recent post about the Hindenburg by WG I noticed that on one of the Randers the Hindenburg has the typical German arrangement of stacked Range finders with a Radar Pannel attached to it.



just like it should be

however, when I looked at my Ingame Hindenburg she was missing that extra "box" on top of the range finder with the radar pannel.



whats even strange, is that on the NA Client the Hindenburg actually has said radar pannel



so what I ask for is this little model error to be fixed..... or you won't get any more :cap_money:from me...

nah just kidding


actually I already stopped months ago :cat_paw:


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Beta Tester
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I open the forum for a few moments at work to see if someone new has appeared over the horizon, I read this post... and I find a little bit of my faith in humanity restored.

I love this game, I love this community. Don't ever change! :Smile_great:

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