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A (serious) case for IJN Maya as T7 Japanese premium by Lert on NA

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Because of some stupid forum bug I keep on doubleposting new topics, so this is a good opportunity to edit one of the Java topics into a Maya one. Well, merely copying Lert's original post on NA, as usual. I'm way too lazy to do the research myself. :Smile_teethhappy:


Hello and welcome to what is the third installment of what I intended to be a one shot, but is quickly turning into a series. These threads discuss how ships that are not yet in the game could fit, much like dseehafer's ADLA series. However, in these threads I will go much more in depth and discuss not just a loose interpretation of tiering, but go into the nitty gritty of different stats, homogenize a play style, go into pros and cons, discuss a ship's service history, and discuss how it might fit in the meta.

Previous installments:

In this thread I will be discussing the Japanese Takao class heavy cruiser Maya.


Maya was the third of four Takao class cruisers, laid down in 1928, launched in 1930 and commissioned in 1932. She was a fairly standard Takao class cruiser, already in this game as Atago and ARP Takao. However, she was refit several times during her service life and ended up as the most uniquely configured of the four Takao class ships, and it's this 1944 configuration that I wish to discuss today.

Her service history is long and storied, and it would be too much work to just retype it from Wikipedia, so instead I'm just going to quote the relevant aspects from her Wikipedia page. Because of its length I've put it under a spoiler as well.

  Reveal hidden contents

But why Maya? The Takao class is already represented in the game, and we already have a whole slew of Myoko's as well, which are very similar, as the Takao was slightly upgraded version of the Myoko class to begin with. Same hull, same armament, same propulsion, same armor. Well, yes, but the various refits Maya enjoyed during her service life diverged her so far from the Myoko and Takao standard that she could almost have been considered a class of her own. Maya differed more from Takao and Myoko than Takao did from Myoko.

It is the purpose of this thread to propose Maya as Tier 7 premium heavy cruiser for the Japanese, incorporating elements of Myoko and Atago into an all-round ship with a more balanced armament than any other Japanese cruiser in this game.

Let us begin.



15.490 ton full load, slightly more than Atago's 14.851 tons. The difference is negligable though, and as such I would give her 40.200 hit points, 100 more than Atago.


The Takao class armor is a known factor in World of Warships. It's virtually identical to Myoko's armor layout, apart from the extremity plating thickness and torpedo bulge thickness. The difference in plating thickness is explained by the difference in tier, the difference in torpedo bulge thickness is a difference between the classes, though it is curious to me why Atago has a thinner torpedo bulge than Myoko. Since I am arguing for Maya at tier 7, she would inherit Myoko's thinner 16mm extremity plating vs 25mm and Myoko's thinner 13mm superstructure vs Atago's 16mm, but since she's a Takao class she would inherit Atago's thinner torpedo bulge thickness of 13mm vs 21mm. The rest of her armor scheme would be identical to that of Atago. This gives us a 102mm armor belt, 41mm central deck, 35 - 47mm citadel deck armor and above water central citadel.

This amalgamation of Myoko and Takao's armor schemes would give her a middle ground survivability, where angling, range, speed and maneuverability means life. Shes vulnerable to broadside AP, but that's common for all Japanese cruisers versus tier appropriate AP shells.

Main Armament:

During the last months of her life Maya carried a reduced main armament compared to the four Myokos and her three Takao class sisters. The number 3 turret was removed in favor of additional 127mm DP and 25mm AA mounts.

As such, she carried 4x 2 203mm/50 3rd year guns, firing 3300 dmg HE shells with 17% fire chance and a 4700 dmg AP shell. These guns are a very well known quantity in this game, featuring on every Japanese heavy cruiser in this from the upgraded Furutaka to the Ibuki. Since Maya is a Takao class, she will inherit the Atago's gun handling, accuracy and range. However, for the purposes of this thread I'm going to slightly massage the rate of fire, to partially make up for the lack of two barrels and slow reload inherent to the Takao class ships in this game. Instead of a base 16s reload as on Atago, I will give her a 15s one, owing to the various refits. She will ofcourse have the same buffed Japanese fire chance on her 203mm shells.

This gives her 142m dispersion at 15.8km range, a 29s traverse time, 105.600 HE DPM and 150.400 AP DPM.

This is very low DPM for a tier 7 heavy cruiser. In fact, it places her firmly at the bottom of the tier in terms of damage potential per minute from just her guns. However, I believe that this disparity in DPM is made up for in other areas. Not the least of which:

Auxilliary armament:

6x 2 127mm/40 Type 89 Dual Purpose

13x 3 25mm Type 96 AA

27x 1 25mm Type 96 AA

36x 13.2mm Type 93 AA

The 127mm guns are the same as on the Myoko and Atago, but will inherit Atago's performance numbers, namely a 5s reload, 5.5km range, 2100 dmg HE shell with 8% fire chance in the secondary role and the additional mounts bring the AA DPS up to 60 at 5km.

The 25mm mounts are in the game already, and will add up to 153 DPS at 3.1km.

Finally, the 13.2mm MGs will add up to around 110 DPS at 1.2km.

This is a decent secondary suite wth the additional 127mm mounts, and an off the charts AA potential for a Japanese heavy cruiser, especially at tier. However, is AA alone enough to make up for the disparity in DPM compared to her tier mates? Well, maybe if you combine it with:


4x 4 610mm Type 90 Mod 1

The same torpedo layout as Atago, with four mid-ships mounted quad launchers, each covering a quadrant. This is a much more convenient and usable torpedo complement than Myoko gets at tier 7. Players who have Atago will know what I mean. Not only do you have one more fish per launcher, but the angles you can fire them at are far more useful than in most Japanese cruisers as well.

Still not sure this is enough to make up for the lowest DPM of her type / tier though ...


As a Takao class she will inherit Atago's maneuverability statistics. 35.5 knot top speed, 790m turning radius, 8.1s rudder shift time.

This is hardly the stuff of legends, but then, the Takao class were big ships. The top speed gives it an amount of tactical flexibility that the German and American cruisers in this game lack, but the turning circle holds her back from greatness.


As a Takao class, Maya will inherit Atago's buffed concealment compared to Myoko. This puts her at 11.5km by sea and 8.7km by air.


I would give Maya a standard suite of heavy cruiser consumables, starting with a standard Damage Control Party in slot 1 and Defensive Fire suite in slot 2. I would then add a standard Hydroacoustic Search option in slot 3, and a Fighter Plane in slot 4. I can see an argument for a spotter plane as well. Finally, she would not get Atago's heal. I believe that with her armor profile and health at tier 7, she does not need it.

Upgrade slots:

Standard T7, 4 slots, up to the 1m upgrade option.


Play style:

Maya would be a balanced heavy cruiser, with a slight emphasis on torpedoes over gunnery. She would still have the potential to start fires and deliver crushing AP salvos, but over prolonged engagements her lacking DPM would start to count. Fitting in at tier 7 and lacking the fifth upgrade slot, her concealment can be brought down to 10.1km by sea. This just barely prevents her from stealth firing her torpedoes, something her more heavily armed sister ship at tier 8 can do - if only just. Still, for a ship this fast, potent and large to have a 10.1km surface detection range at tier 7 is very good. Maya has a particularly potent AA suite, but it's more suited for self defense rather than fleet escorting, owing to the short range of her medium and short range bubbles. Specing heavily into AA can mitigate a lot of that and make her a decent AA picket ship, but she'll never be as good at that as some of the American cruisers. Finally, her suite of consumables further cements her as an all-rounder. She avoids Myoko's weaknesses by having a more comfortable turret traverse and torpedo armament a well as a potent AA suite, but pays for those conveniences with having the lowest DPM of her type / tier. She's a jack of all trades, master of none.

Just don't get caught flat footed by the heaviest torpedo armament of any cruiser at tier.

Elephant in the room:

Not sure I would call this an elephant in the room, it's just something that might cause WG some pause. But, remember when I said that Maya was different enough from Myoko and Atago to almost be considered a class of her own? Although they share the same hull, turret layout and funnel locations, that's where the similarities stop and WG would have to research and model basically the entire superstructure from scratch. Observe the differences below:







As you can see, Maya's superstructure is considerably bulkier than that of either Myoko or Atago. This is because between all her refits Maya never got the one that slimmed down her superstructure that made the Takao class initial design so top heavy.


Maya launches, 1930

So, in short:


  • T7 premium cruiser, something the IJN lacks
  • Balanced play style, if a bit heavy on the torpedo armament
  • Potent AA suite
  • Beefy, good looking ship
  • Majority of modeling work is already done
  • As is balancing - we know how the hull and the weaponry behaves


  • AA potential requires heavy captain skill investment to make count
  • Captain training potential is suspect because of diverging playstyle and emphasis on torpedo armament rather than gunnery
  • Not quite a copy-paste job, so requires investment and time on WGs part to implement


Damage sustained at Guadalcanal, 1943

What would she cost, if implemented at tier 7?

Similar to any T7 cruiser, around $42 for the ship and a slot.

What camouflage would she wear?

As far as I know the Japanese didn't really do much in the way of camouflage for their ships and I don't know if Maya ever wore one. One might suggest the ARP Maya camouflage, but since the collaboration between ARP and WG has ended a long time ago that's very unlikely to happen. That leaves a fantasy green or blue wavy camouflage not unlike that of Atago or the more subdued three-tone permacamo on Myoko. Personally I quite like Myoko's and would suggest WG give Maya something very similar.


Possible tweaks should she prove either under- or overpowered during testing:

I have made various assumptions and balance choices based on my experience in the game, however, many of these are open to balancing should that be needed. In case of needed nerfs one could lower her ROF down to Atagolevels, or tweak her firing range due to a different superstructure thus possibly different location of the fire control director. Should she need a buff they might consider tweaking the concealment or ROF, giving her Atago's heal or the fifth upgrade slot. My stats are just a proposal, they are open to weaking.

Closing words:

Thank you all for indulging me in another proposal for a premium ship and thank you for the taking the time to read it. Finally a thank you to @LittleWhiteMouse for helping me with the article itself.

Sources used:

Finally, because I have to




Personally I welcome unique ships. AA will be reworked though, so there is nothing to say (yet) in that regard. As for the camouflage I would suggest this one myself. This is Takao, and then at least it's shared with a ship of the same class. Really a missed opportunity that this was not among the permanent camouflages that became available for Atago last patch. Anyway, I'm curious what you think about the Maya.

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