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[SINC] Shipwreck-Incorporated is looking for new Clansmen

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Hello Captains,


Update 7.9. is up to start and along with this also the new clanbase with a plenty of new bonusses and possibilities. And maybe the one or another of you will take that as an opportunity to join a clan to. And this is hopefully the point, where we come into play:))


We are a Fun-Clan with a clear focus on collecting oil & basebuilding without further musts and obligations.


Here is room for captains with a desire for divis, clanwars & the whole thing around, as well as for the 'Lone Wolf' that isn't really keen on 'Clan-Things' and simply wanna make his own thing, collect some oil and grab the clan-bonuses:)


Currently we have a good mix of both and would like to keep it that way.


We can offer:

  • a well developed clanbase with access to many individual bonuses

  • many good and very good players for playing divis & clanwar if you are interested...or:

  • just simply stress-free collect oil without further clan-duties, if desired.

  • decent placement in the clanrankings (for a Fun-Clan:)

  • discord etc. of course

  • AND: we  have cookies !!:Smile_popcorn:


What we are looking for are:


first of all active players, who do not just stop in the game by every two weeks (although we've explicitly NOT such stuff like weekly minimum play sessions and so on)...

that have at least 1000 random battles up to and including T8...and a Personal Rating (PR) @ 'WoWS Stats & Numbers' in height of our clan-average of round about 1600+.


So if we should have aroused your interest, hit the buttons and get in touch ingame or send me a personal message here...looking forward to your messages:)


Greetings, Kevin







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Dont mind me, just making sure ........


Yeah, it is indeed Clansmen with a "C". :fish_viking::Smile_hiding::Smile_trollface::Smile-_tongue:



gl recruiting. :Smile_honoring:

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