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Clan Chest Suggestion

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Good evening Fellow commanders, 


I've playing the game a while now and seen a lot of updates lately, with also the long awaiting clan resource expansion. But ive got a question why is there no clan chest?


Why I ask I think this will help the clan game play a lot more and make it interesting for the other player in youre clan.



Only the commanders and Deputy can deposit free xp and credits, signals camo in the chest who they can devide under the other players who are in the clan, like a reward for being active?, Progression ? Helpful to team mates etc but with a limitation of sending stuff from the chest to youre clan members like 100 flags a week, 25k free xp and like 2.5m credits but that you can decide who get what and how much.


Don't know if anyone find this suggestion interesting but I think for the not Top clans it would be nice to expand en being more active


dear regards Ruffencks, Erik-jan

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WG Team, WoWs Wiki Team
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The idea is interesting, but I would not like it for FreeXP, as that would lead to even more players without experience in hightier matches.


The problem however is that WG probably wouldn't want this, as the shortage of credits and flags is one of their income sources. It would also encourage trading ingame goods for real money ("for only 100€ you get a clan invite with 1M credits each day") which is also not wanted. Though I might be wrong here, so let's wait for what they think ^^

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