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Spamming of Commands

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Can something be done about the constant spamming of the F_key voice commands.  Just been in a game where one arsehole just kept his finger on 'well done commander' all game and it drove everyone mad.  Surely there must be some way to limit the repeat of commands and maybe to temp ban people who abuse the system automatically.  Have had it in a few games now and it is totally ruining the experience of playing the game.


For reference the user in question was :- furzkopf**


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Edited to remove part of username as didnt realise this was against the rules (not that some idiots dont DESERVE to be named and shamed!)
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They have a timer block in game, and they can also do a number count.

EG. if any players use more then a number on "F_key"s in a min be muted for 24 hours included the use of "F_keys".

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