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Can the pin-up pics please fit the patches?

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The question is in the title.

I like the new pin-up symbols, but a few of them do not fit at all in any of the backgrounds. this annoys me as I want to use them, but it looks so ugly.

I looked through the support site to make a ticket. But the most fitting section to me was the patch/update feedback, and there it said to use the forum, so here we are.


This is not really a big issue. But as i said, it annoys me and I do not understand how nobody saw this problem before the release









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Definately first world problems, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who's bothered by this.

My ocd really does not like those patches :cap_haloween:

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While it has some problems (the outer rim color REALLY needs to match) I don't see a problem with figures changing the outline of the patch. If anything - in case of pin-up girls - this actually looks better. To point towards the examples given by OP - the round patch looks much better than any of these would if the whole girls would fit inside.

The others indeed do look a bit worse (especially close-up, in game it might be better) because the texture and shade of yellow is a bit off for the rim...

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