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New IJN DD line tier 8 - 10

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I am on tier 7 (Shiratsuyu) and will soon get Akizuki and after that I will work my way up the tech tree,

But what Commander skills should I chose?, The Commander I have will end up in Harugumo (tier 10)


Today I have this Commadner skills


  1. Priority Target
  2. Last Stand
  3. Superintendent
  4. Concealmeant Expert


So what would I chose next?


  • IFHE
  • Basic Firing Training
  • Advanve Fire Training
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Survivability Expert
  • Manual Fire Contraol for AA Armament


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IFHE. Basically the damage skill. Allows you to pen almost every cruiser and most BBs you run into. BFT and aR are solid afterwards, as is SE, AFT and Manual AA are not.


AFT is only good if you go for absolute gunboat build, in which case, you replace the CE with it. But shell travel time might be a pain and it locks you out of DD duties. Manual AA is just not worth 4 points. Yes, your AA base values are nice. Yes, Manual AA shoots down more planes, but without defAA disruption effect, nowhere valuable enough, unless you face something like Ryuujou, Independence or Kaga, where planes might die fast enough with Manual AA. And getting it for three ships.... Pretty much a meme build.

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Edit: Independence, not Indianapolis

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PM LS SE* CE IFHE is the base of this line.

SE is a must for all dds.ALWAYS.
After these take AR and last choose between DE,SI or BFT(-10% reload right?Cause i always forget the name :P)

Alternativily you can try out flamus build for harugumo where he goes full gun build and as Riselotte said he skips CE.

I would recomend the first build with DE or BFT.I still havent decided what i ll use on my last 3 points on the akizuki.

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