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Commander's progression

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I'm using the Windows 10 translator, so I don't answer "misunderstandings".
If I am guilty of not knowing how to express myself clearly or in my own language.
This is a translation from Spanish to English.
Copy and paste... I'm sorry, but my English academic baccalaureate I think that at this point, will be outdated matter...
The theme is "Commander's progression"...
After some games I have come to conclusions about the development of the commander, who did not just convince me. I'm with it. I have (for example) a 12-point commander. Which means I had to do 108,000 XP to get those points.
Now comes what twitches me. I have to start from scratch with this same commander and do 132,000 XP to "Win 1 point".
Not that I look bad. Is that the economic progression of other facets of the game (including those subscribed with real currency, not doubloons), as for example credits (well, I will use the term XP, which will be better understood) XP free, and the subsequent acquisition of improvements and modules that are not They contemplate in the "Commander's Notebook". I say and ships. They're simpler to reach.
For example... You can like me have a level VI ship with a 10-point commander and in principle suffice. But if I want two or three more points. I see myself "putting bricks a couple of years at the pace I play, to reach with an average of 10 victories in a row each day and giving thanks to the help provided by signs and gifts of the chests, start the foundations of the third point...
I put something clearer the concept as well (for me): from point 12 to 13 there are 132,000 XP as the difference is 24,000 (from 108,000 to 132,000, I thought: if instead of "Restart the XP account achieved for each point, we increase a% the differences between the first and second punt Or, players will appreciate getting to the 19 points by commander. Which would open up unimaginable consequences for gaming and players (not everyone, I know).
That is why a few days ago I wrote with the same premises to wargaming. And they answered that they understood it. But it was better to let him know through the forum. Because it would be almost certain reason for study.
I know that the exact measure I do not give, but the approximate is to say... It is very expensive to the profane, to finish the race of Commander...
So I call the "reflection and forgiveness for such a tremendous manuscript", to those who are about to propose to wargaming a favorable change to the rise "more early" of our commanders...
Thanks to all of you for reading me and if you have come here, have well deserved a great rest and my personal thanks for your patience with me...
From Ferrol... A Vigo...
Thank you...
I thought it appropriate to put the post here, because, I did not think better to do elsewhere...
If it is deemed appropriate to move it, I have no objection. As well as delete it, edit it or not publish it...
I keep giving thanks again to this site, and World of Warships, because it gives me many hours of entertainment and joys...

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They will not change it.

You have enough options with camos, flags, premium ships and special missions to get commander XP.

One of the main reasons I have premium time is to get commander XP (i have too many ships and captains).


You should also remember that you can train your captain with Free XP.

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