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Resource Containers

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Ok I thought resource containers were a good idea - get more coal etc, sounds great eh.


Trouble is you don't get anymore coal in them than you do from the other containers.


The very first one I opened contained 3 x 400 coal - excellent.

Since then I've had 1 container with 2 x coal and some free xp and every single other container has had just either 1 x 400 or 1 x 450 coal, the other 2 hings are just flags or free xp.  This is just the same as opening a flag/credit container.  I think the drop rates of coal in these needs to be increased drastically.

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The point of the Resource container is to get you guaranteed 1x400 coal. Everything else is extra and based on chance.

It's the same with credits and consumables, you always get a credit stack in one and 3x premium DCP in the other.

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