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Westlanders dutch clan only

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dutch friends who are looking for more dutch players we have a discord channel and we want to grow and participate in clanwars battles in the future!


We want some fun but good games.


so if you are interested reply!




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Hello mates,


We are still looking for  players, who like a casual and fun gaming environment.  Because we are looking for more mature players, you have to be 18+ years.  We want to explore clanbattles and are eager to help new players.

Our clanbonuses are as followed:


-  -5% to post battecosts off all tiers after battle

-  -10% cost of all researchable ships

-  +2% battle xp of all tiers

-  +15% free xp per battle on all tiers

-  +6% commander xp per battle

-  +5% coal 


If you are interested give me  or westlander86 in game, on discord (westlander86#6793 Captain_Friskywhisky#0080 )or on the forum a shout

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