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[HELP]Haven as a DD

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After i dont know how many games on this map, i have no idea what to do anymore as a dd (Benson, Gearing, Akizuki, Yugumo).
People keep lemming to one side or the other providing no cap support at all or just staying behind some island doing nothing.
I have tried pretty much everything.
Flanking, going aggressively into the caps, playing the patience game, switching between the 2 caps providing support.
Nothing seems to be working.
Radars + cvs (which for some reason i encounter in most of my games this summer) + enemy hydro dds + enemy radar dds + hydro + spotter planes = what the hell am i supposed to do without support?

I am up to the point where i literally see this map and i wanna hide under my desk and cry.
So, any guidelines would be massively appreciated!


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Depends on DD and spawn.

With a stealthy DD, I prefer to go to the east cap, rest goes to west cap.

When you go for west cap and there are a lot of radars in the enemy team, it is good to spot the west side first and wait how the game develops, then go for the cap.

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