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It's getting overkrauted here - German, UK based looking for a clan

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I started playing WoWs back in the closed beta and been playing it with the occasional break ever since. So far I was a loner, playing mostly for fun sometimes well and sometimes, after a few beers, rather badly. I am now looking to team up and get a bit more out of the game and the stats. I am eager to learn and improve my game as well as participate in CW and play in divisions. However it would be nice if the people I am playing with still consider fun the most important part of the game.


I am a native German and recently relocated to the UK (London, important take away: I am in a different time zone than CET) to simultaneously steal jobs and live off welfare :cap_popcorn: .

I am 32 years old and working as an IT consultant for one of the big fours, which means my schedule and availability might change from time to time.

In short: I am looking for a clan with an active and mature community. I want to be able to participate in CWs and find a good player base to play in divisions. Since I want to improve I am always open for
constructive criticism and am eager to learn. However I still consider WoWs as a fun part time activity and expect people to see it the same way.

Tier X ships in my possession:
- Hindenburg
- Grosser Kurfuerst
- Khabarovsk
- Minotaur
- Zao
- Shimakaze

Tier IX projects in progress:
- Z-46
- Izumo

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If interested to know about us and join then click on the image to get directed to our official website

International || +18 Mature || Good Manners || Teamwork

Honor || Respect || Commitment

Elite Naval Forces Ua08QMK.png&key=fab236e70a913141b2b1803d

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