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StatsBloke explains Matchmaking Monitor

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I noticed that the second most common search term after "world of warships" bringing people to my YouTube videos is "world of warships matchmaking monitor".  After looking, I realised there are no English-language videos on Stewie's fantastic Matchmaking Monitor stats tool, and I'm an avid and experienced user, so though I'd explain what it is and how it works:



Please note that while I encourage people to use statistics and statistics tools to improve their play, I strongly disapprove of the use of published statistics to humiliate, bully, or harass other players.  Knowledge is power; don't abuse it.  It's just a fact of maths and normal distributions that about half of the playerbase is going to have stats which are below average.  Use intelligence (stats) to beat other players, but don't be an asshat about it.  If you see someone do something stupid and you punish them for it, point it out nicely in chat so they can learn. "Hey, you were a bit sideways to me there :)" makes the game a better place to be; "NOOB %&$*%&*, UNINSTALL" makes nothing better for anyone.  Be nice and good things will happen to you.



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