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[BYOB] - Recruiting Reliable CB Players - Typhoon I Last Season.

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Greetings Captains.


We are Bring Your Own Booze [BYOB], we have members from all over Europe and communicate in English.


We are looking to recruit some skilled and reliable players for Clan Battles to replace AWOL players and those who can no longer commit to playing every CB session on a regular basis.

Last season we finished in Typhoon 1 scoring regular wins against Hurricane clans on our way there. But this season we find ourselves slightly short of players who are good enough to be comfortable getting back to Typhoon and push for Hurricane.


We are especially interested in people who are comfortable playing DD (YueYang/Gearing/Z-52) and the BB position would be opened up for the right player.

That said, we are mainly just looking for proficient players who own a range (5+) of viable CB ships, and are willing to play full CB sessions on a regular basis.

We understand that people have lives outside of the game, and missing some CB sessions is unavoidable, but those who are present regularly will be given priority to play.


Stats will be looked at, they are not an exact science, but there is undeniably a difference between a 48% player and a 58% player.

The core of our CB team are Rank 1 players in the 55-60% range.


Outside of Clan Battles there are no specific requirements of being in the clan, regularly playing Clan Battles is more than enough of a commitment.

Our CB players do regularly division up for randoms, but you would never be required to join them, and you will never be required to be on voice comms for anything outside of Clan Battles.


We generally use TS3 for Clan battles communication, but we also have a Discord server and optional Whatsapp group for shitposting and Gal Gadot gifs if that's your kind of thing.


Anyone who is interested can contact me in game or with a PM here.

I also use Steam and discord if you prefer that, but you will need to PM your info for those.

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Well I am not even close to the requirements given here, but with some guidance I can pull it. I do play gearing, and I did get to rank 5 last season with 73% WR. Then I dropped to 53% WR as I was missing someone that would hold me back. I do have tendency to overextend in any vessel (even in CV I end up capping :S ). Anyhow I do play ranked, now, and from rank 10 I will play Geraing, above that rank I am having fun in Yamato, but I am horrible BB driver. I can have any silver ship if necessary. I am horrid in CA, horrible in BB, average in DD, random in CV :D

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