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(TMLC) The Molten Claw

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Do you love playing World of Warships?

Are you a casual player?

Do you need a clan to improve in before you go to the more serious clans?

Look  no further


TMLC The Molten Claw is recruiting casual players or players that may want a clan to improve in before you go the more pro clans.

I am not the best player...some might say im bad..but it doesnt matter i play the game cuz i find it fun.

We doesnt care if you are good or bad..and i think we would be a good clan to improve in without any pressure.


You are welcome..doesnt care what stats you have or ur avg Dmg or ur win%...as long you are a cool nice player :)


So send a request if you lime to join us..we are atm 2 ppl in the clan and still doesnt have all buildings..:)

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