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Quickr twitch stream - 'cos why the F not

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What's this, another WoWs twitch streamer?

- Well, yes, sort of. More of a "lets share joys :Smile_sceptic: of randoms together" kind of thing. 


OK, I'll bite. What's your stream about? 

-Mostly WoWs with a pinch of Elite dangerous and a splash of any other game I feel like playing, but mostly WoWs.


That makes sense, you are posting on WoWs forums after all, but what can I expect?

-Not the Spanish inquisition that's for sure, neither anything else really. My stats are average at best and my approach is casual. I'll be streaming random games, operations, clan battles, historical battles in training room, etc and all that on a broken english, croatian swear words included. 


Why would I waste my time watching than?

-There's enough Flamus, Flambasses, Runners and other unicums out there streaming, change of pace might be just the right thing for you. Laugh at my mistakes, division up with me, talk about life and games and whatnot. Together we might just improve our stats and the way we approach and play games, if not, who cares, we had fun along the way. 


Right, let's say I'm mildly interested, what's your streaming schedule? 

-There isn't any. I got a full time job, a nagging wife and lot's of hobbies besides gaming so I'll stream whenever I get time, usually in the late afternoon / evening hours. 


Screw it, give me a link and I'll give it a go.

-Say no more, here it is: https://www.twitch.tv/quickr86 See you around.



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