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[KOTS] small clan looking to grow, have fun, and get clan battle goodies

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Hello fellow captains,

[KOTS]KNIGHTS OF THE SEA is a small clan that is looking to add active players to build the foundation of what we hope to be an ever improving clan.  Our members are from all over the world. We want to go higher in clan battles and competitive play in the future but enjoying the game is most important to us.. We enjoy playing in divisions each day with other clan members and try to have as much fun as we can. For example, getting tired of all the HE spam....no problem, its time to roll out a conqueror, zao, hindenburg HE division and watch the world burn...tired of passive high tier play...no problem lets get 2 Kurfurst and a gearing division to let us get as close as we can before saying HELLO to the enemy radar cruisers as we create as much havoc as we can before we die. I always die first....lol.  BTW, all the uptight chat a-holes tolling us we are noobs and idiots makes it much more enjoyable.


This is the core of [KOTS].  We want average or great players who want to be a part of a tight-knit group with a place to call their own and always have a place at the table. we believe in structure and guidelines for participation and communication. At the same time our clan leadership seeks for every member to feel involved and that they have a voice that will be heard. 



 If you are interested in joining message clan recruiter  lewstherin03 in game for more info or search us on in  game clan search.also im pretty sure you can message me in my profile on here.

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