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Atlantic Wolves Fleet

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                                                                                                                                                                                  Atlantic Wolves Fleet -AWF-

                   Once a division within the BCU a clan based around modern warfare games, WW2 FPS & MMORPG games, but because that clan disbanded this month, we have decided to become an independant clan away from any connections to do with land warfare. The AWF are recruiting members, we are looking for those with a certain degree of speaking or understanding written English, this is so we can communicate together between the clan. We are a family of friends, that's what a clan is, a group of followers all joining together for fun times but fun gaming together. We have been a pro gaming group for many years under the old BCU and people do not react the same when your pushing them all the time, we are a relaxed group of friends who love to come together for the fun games, we can be a little bit competitive for clan wars.

                      If you can't have fun and enjoy the games you play then its not a good enviroment. So if you want to join us, we offer all clan members the right to choose to come on Discord and chat to us if you have comms, but if you don't have comms and a mic, then we can connect one of the other following options: on Facebook the AWF have a facebook group open to the general public. See below.

Atlantic Wolves Fleet - WoWs EU/ US

Or if you are not a fan of Facebook then we have a WhatApp group where everyone from our clan comes together for chit-chat and to get to know one another and a place to learn about news and offers from Wargaming. Plus as Commander of the AWF i take it upon myself to run competitions within the clan to seek out good players, to reward them with Dpty Commander positions within the clan, i sometimes run competitions in the training rooms where members can win Doubloons, flags, premium days, and ships. I do this to bring the element of fun to our team and my clan. It keeps us on our toes and competitive against other clans. Finally we have Discord where you can download the App to your Smartphone and connect with us using your phones mic and speakers, there are many ways to connect with us, and the reason why we ask our members to get to know us is so we can chat, have fun, and for me to tell you all about our offers in the clan from collecting oil, and in house competitions plus news from World of Warships.


If your looking for a clan to join then come and find us on :

Facebook at the above link underlined. Or contact HC Si on Facebook aka (Madcatz) or apply on World of Warships, remember we don't just offer you clan benefits we have competitions running all the time for in clan members. If you want to join us the apply soon as our spaces are going fast, and we don't need for you to have TS or Ventrillo, as long as you can join us on one of the other ways to communicate then we are looking for YOU to join the Atalantic Wolves Fleet.


                                       - AWF -Atlantic Wolves Fleet.




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