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WOWS size on Mac

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Hi, ive been playing wows quite a lot on my home PC, so I`ve decided to install it on my macbook too, so I can take it with me, when I travel somewhere. I`ve noticed it takes up a huge amount of space. Are there any files left after installation, which are save to delete on mac version of WOWS? Also, since I dont have much free space, i do not want to make a windows partition.

Thanks for answers.

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How big is it exactly?


Did you install the high quality or ultra quality client?



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Trust me, you DON'T want WoWs on your macbook ... or even on your brand new iMac.. I've got a powerful iMac upgraded with an external GPU



but trust me when I say it's barely working properly on a Mac / FreeBSD.

Because Wows isn't supported natively on mac, it uses a Windows compiler named Wine to emulate a 32 bits Windows App Launcher. This causes a pseudo virtual machine with 4GB of dedicated RAM.

Once you reach the 4Gb ram usage, the game will simply ... crash. When I had around 10/20 ships last year, I could play roughly 5 to 6 games in a row before a crash (crash that occurs right after you're loading a game.. super annoying to CMD+Q then relauch it and arrive ).


Today with 40+ ships in my port, I can run 3 to 4 games when I'm lucky and the games don't last 20 min. Even with my config, I'm obligated to play on low resolution to prevent a crash in the first game. If you set High everywhere, it crashes all the time.


What buggles me is the fact many people at WG uses mac but didn't found it worthwhile to develop a TRUE mac version. Hope they'll make me lie in the future though.


My advice, get a bootcamp or fit a larger SSD to your macbook pro to create a bootcamp drive. You'll thank me later

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