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TORPZ recruiting

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TORPZ are looking for active players to join us. We have members from various Countries but use English and Discord (necessary for clan wars); playing your own games is also fine of course. We are also various ages but reasonable maturity is necessary. We reached typhoon league last season and are aiming for hurricane this time so we want some players who are looking to help us get there. We are looking for more than just a certain win rate, though around 50% or more is useful, we also want players who contribute to the clan, help in cw (alpha and bravo) and with your clan mates in divisions. We can help you to get new ships and boost your stats and hopefully you will find some friends to play randoms with. Look for us in clan search, in game or join our Discord server to speak to one of us


Thank you

A sense of humour would be a help, like it is playing randoms

(a sense of humour may help you, like it does playing randoms :/ ,occasional raging is ok)

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