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T9 seattle is Mediocre!

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My fellow captains. Before i begin= Say no to radar. Save the endangerd Destroyers!


That being said= The TIer 9 Light cruiser Seattle needs work


At first i tought this was some sexy looking ship, even if it is paper. But its performance feels more of a Downgrade to the cleveland then an actual upgrade

Here are its problems=


-The gun range DECREASES with the B hull. This has to be an oversight. 14.7 km fully upgraded is absolutely terrible for a cruiser with no smoke. Making Gun fire control system a neccesary module, yet making her reload painstaking at 6.5seconds. Remove the decrease in the B hull

-its turrets turn far to slow

-Its gun arcs are terrible. You need to show to much broadside to allow all 4 turrets to fire. 



Furthermore. It has cranes & catapults for floatplanes, yet no floatplanes? I would gladly trade in the radar module for floatplanes


Perhaps another way to add some strenght to this ship is to give it artillery plotting room 2 in the last slot, allowing you to decrease the dispersion


I might need some imput in this, this ship just feels awefully mediocre... The only thing saving it is its detection radius


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The range decrease is getting fixed next patch in case you hadn't heard. Can't comment on the rest due to not having played her.

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