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Dirty Casual seeking clan to help him become a Dirty Good Casual

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Oi there you reading person or thing. 


Im a dirty casual wows player. I'd like to find a clan thats active on discord, and can help me learn this game, and will have alot of division's going into battles as i am sick of playing solo.


I dont have a main class, i just really enjoy playing DD's (yes even in this really radar heavy meta). im not saying im really good at it, just saying i enjoy it :) 


The clan has to be active, and have a sence of humor! 


Kind regards,

A dirty casual captain called MrGameMafia.

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We are looking for players who respect everyone,use teamworkhave funplay in divisions, and clan battles.

Ideally you do need to speak some English, but not necessarily fluent. Have at least 50% winrate.

If you join please download Discord its free software so we can contact players easier, and communicate as a team easier whilst in battle. 

For an invite please contact us in game ( ThemistoclesXI or Poroeporoe)

We would love to hear from you!

Good luck fellow Captains.

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recruitment department


Click on the image above for getting directed to fill our application

International || English Speaking || Communication || Teamwork

We have 15 vacant seats at the moment

Accepting +18 Mature Grown-Ups


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