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Our clan is recruiting active players that are interested in participating in clan battles.We are looking for people that will be active in our discord server and take part in team activities. we have recently overhauled the member base to weed out the inactive players and those not interested in competitive play.  we are left with a small number of good people that enjoy playing together and want to build a competitive clan. we are hoping to boost our player base so that we may have the best opportunity to roster at least one team to take part in clan battles every day it is available. Average players are welcome as well as highly skilled players. Just be willing to be a part of a team and willing to take part in clan activities.


Minimum Requirements

45% Win Rate
3 Tier 10 Ships
Join our Discord Server
be an active in our discord server
Respond to all messages in a timely fashion
Good Attitude


If being an important and valued part of a clan that is serious about competitive team play while having fun at the same time [RIXEN] EVOLUTION REVOLUTION is the clan for you. 

If you are interested in joining our clan find us in the clan sesarch in the game, leave your game name below, or message our clan manager lewstherin03 in game. 



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