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Open Letter To The WoWs Staff to update the Yamato's Model to HD standards.

Would you like to see the Yamato's model updated to HD standards?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see the Yamato's model updated to HD standards?

    • Yes, I'd Like that.
    • No, I think It's OK as it is.

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I believe that the Yamato Model should be updated to HD standards. Here's my reasoning:


1. Yamato is one of the oldest ships in the game and its hull hasn't been updated since the Closed Alpha Test.(Please correct me if  I'm wrong.)

2. It would appear that the Yamato's model has a very low polygon count, especially at the ship's aft.For example, Directly behind the main rudder I frequently get hit by torpedos despite there being very little hull and at a very small depth. A refference picture is provided.(In the picture please note the gap between the end of the ship and the ship's rudder). Again, please correct me if I am mistaken at any point.

3.The WoWs Team have outdone themselves with the quality of the Musashi and since some of the updated models have been passed over to the Yamato from the Musashi, I think its about time the kind of hybrid model that is the Yamato currently should be completed and updated as soon as possible.

4. Considering the Yamato's historical backround and the fact that it is the only Tier X Battleship to have been built and seen active service I believe it would please a lot of Yamato players, including myself, to finally see this incredible feat of engineering rightly displayed in digital form.




I would like to thank the WoWs Team for giving us such a good game and small steps like this can make this game even more immersive.

World of Warships Screenshot 2018.06.30 -

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sort of a fail poll, both answers are true for me. I think the model is OK as it is, but why would that mean I dont want it to become better?

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They will not do it anytime soon.


They were asked about the Izumo model and they acknowledged that the models of the IJN BB are very old and therfore not up to their current standards, especially Izumo.

They focus on new ship lines and less on old lines, but they will update the models in the future.

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i will not mention how Musashi is BIGGER than Yamato in the game, comparing  them you can clearly see the differences in the model, along with the armor angles which have impact on the tanking



Musashi has longer aft, bow, and even though she sits deeper in the water, is the same height as Yamato overall, not to mention having wider deck that impacts chance to be hit [that i dont mind, Yama and Musashi are both good tankers] but for god's sake, fix the model.

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