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Weird game 'crash' sends me back to desktop but client still running

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Hello fellow forumites


I often get this weird crash mid battle where the game screen kind of 'slides' off to the side and I get sent back to my desktop.  The client is still actually running and I don't get an error message, hence why I call this a 'crash'.  But once I'm back on my desktop, my PC just goes nuts.  Every button I click opens up random applications, or the command prompt pops up etc.  Then, if I try and expand the client window and actually manage to get back into the battle, as soon as I click the anything or push a key on the keyboard, the client sends me back to the desktop again.  The only solution is for me to sign out of windows, sign back in and restart the client.


It almost feels like theres some kind of sticky keys issue going on?  But it can't be that surely?


It seems to happen whenever theres a new patch.  Or maybe its because I updated my nVidia driver with the new patch?  Honestly I have no clue because, like I said, theres no error message.


Anyone else had this issue before and any ideas how to solve?


Cheers chaps

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Nope but sounds something else is stealing window focus.

-at first glance: i would think it might be a virus. Command console poping up is never good, and that should alert you


(Could be 3rd party of smthing running. And it (maybe) draws over wows (think of it, as if it were smthing like fraps).

(It is also possible that it is from Nvidia. With the drivers comes  "updated" nvidia software, that has overlay in-games or smthing (could be for recording purposes or smthing similar)


The moment you click/press keys the app that runs swaps to the front.


Anyway try to disable some settings ((from nvidia) that offer game overlays) or run taskmanager and kill everything non-essential.

Also run it in borderless-window mode and see if it also manages to steal focus from it


If you aint sure Google most keywords here (Im sorry im on AMD card, but i know they have similarities with those kind of problems)

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