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LF competent (Hurricane) clan for season 3 CB

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After being on the fence of whether to continue playing WOWS I've decided to give it one more shot, assuming I will still be considered good enough to play for some of the top clans out there, obviously not the absolute best, but still way up there in terms of general competence.


So without further ado let me get to the heart of the matter:


What can I offer to the clan?


- A decent division mate that can communicate in fluent english and co-ordinate with my division. I don't have that many battles in divisions so you might be surprised.

- Despite my recent absences, I can be VERY active and online every day of the week, assuming things work out well and motivate me to keep playing actively as well as spending money to catch up with those who have been playing for much longer etc.

- A fairly competent cruiser player for clan battles, I played with the best and against the best in season 1 and held my own pretty much. Caveat: A big credit goes out to the competent FCs in HOME clan, you know who you are :D

- I can take constructive criticism fairly well to improve my game. I do NOT assume to know it all when I have less than 3k random battles played, although I consider myself to be an "early riser" in terms of learning the game.

- I will show up in clan trainings a lot so I will not be the weak link during comp games or clan battles etc. If I want to keep my spot in the team, I know I have to work for it.


What do I expect from the clan?


- A high level of general competence. Everything mentioned below falls under this.

- High level of communication during battles. Understandable english, calling out all relevant info such as targets, consumable use/CD etc.

- A spot in a competent CB roster. Meaning 50%+ winrate in the top group of the top league (hurricane). I'm not just interested in showing up, I'm expecting winning performances from myself and my clanmates. If you don't really need me, why recruit me?

- A relaxed yet focused atmosphere. I'm not intrested in dirty politics or hating on someone because of their voice etc. Just chill and have fun while still doing your absolute best to win games and get better as individual and team.

- A basic level of respect. I know that respect is a two way street and I will behave accordingly. I know I will not be the top player in your clan or even top5/top10 but still don't want to get belittled or being put under the microscope without a good reason.


My general stats here: http://wows-numbers.com/player/531224268,Contender83/



My strengths:


- I'm a damn solid cruiser player, although separated from strong unicums and super unis by experience and consistency. I can get better and probably will.

- I'm a decent BB player, probably better than my stats suggest but obviously need more experience to improve positioning and general consistency.

- I'm a potentially decent DD player, only started playing them recently, but how well will I adjust to the radar meta will decide my true level. My first T10 will be most likely Gearing.

- I have experience from high level CB and believe I still got it, especially if the FC is competent in organizing and leading the team during CB.


My weaknesses:


- A weak ship selection. I only have FOUR T10s (Moskva, DM, Hinden, Monty) and that can be a problem for the clans that I'm really looking to be a part of. I can work on this, but only if I'm part of a good clan and have a future there...

- Limited spending potential. My finances will get better for the coming months, but with WG pushing more and more ship lines to keep making money the gap to the top players in increasing. I CAN and WILL spend more to keep up if necessary.

- A lack of consistency compared to the absolute top players. This will get better with experience but I do make slightly more errors than them and thats all it takes for the difference, so if you pick me up I will work on it.




I would say my future in WOWS now hangs in the balance.  I need a strong team around me to keep playing the game. I can and will also give to the clan, not only take from it. If you are interested, you know what to do.

I'm willing to do interviews and trial divisioning if that's what it takes to get to a good team. Hopefully I can continue enjoying the game ;)

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