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[COMMU] WoWs Community searchs for members!!

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 if you want to amuse yourself, we have any tier of tier I available tier X, our base naval is improving day by day, we are currently waiting for the dock for the battleship.

This clan is in first case for fun and to play together, but we sure will use the Possibility to participate in Clan Battles. But at all you dont need to participate in them if you dont want to.


Our Requirements are:

You need to speak and understand English

You should use Discord for Communication

You need to have the Possibility of playing Clan Battles (optimal)


Invite-lInk for our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/xgDrWcC


For any questions ask to (ingame): Makvass, Equat51


For any questions ask to (in game): Makvass or Equat51


Action Stations :)

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