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Okhotnik (V): yeah, very nice destroyer, for sure!

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We all know destroyer-play with tier V destroyers fighting each other allways provides so much nice action, allways lots of fun to play. And there are lots of very fine destroyers one can choose to play at tier V. At the moment I play the Okhotnik (V) and it realy striked me: what a nice and fun ship to play(!): its tricky/strong/fun and you never know at start of battle  whether yr gonna play an excellent battle or a lesser performance battle, everything can happen either way. Must say the Okhotnik has it all in it to be able to perform in excellent ways. Ship handles comfortably and imo looks very nice graphically (= with all kinds of camo's); details of the ship graphically are very excellent, I much value that: this makes the ship very nice to look at while playing yr battles. In short: I very much like this ship (in all ways), nice gameplay guaranteed.


I myself am an average player (meaning: I play both real tactical excellent battles which high scores and I also play battles where I perform badly, being shot to pieces by other players that played some situation better than I did, lol; but that's the game, tense play & fun...and a bit of luck from time to time is also nice, lol)


My captain skill settings for Okhotnik capt. as follows:

1) PT + PM

2) EM + AR + LS


4) RL + CE (RL is important skill, so you know where enemy dd's are AND which direction they are moving!)


Guns 7x130mm which have 360 degrees turning(!); range 9,2 kms (is enough range since you want to get upclose to enemy ships anyway for using yr excellent 4,5 kms torps (4x3 and 62 knots)!). There is much knifefighting fcaus with other destroyers and 9,2 kms is real ok for that. And bear in mind: if circumstances allow (=calculated risk) to rush towards enemy ships succesfully, well, then that enemy ship gets sunk for sure, due to your immense power-torpedo-launch of 12 torps up-close!


Why do I put the spotlight here on Okhotnik (V)? Because this ship is VERY nice to play, so I bring this under attention of the new players, so they get to know that. Have a go with it, enjoy it, guaranteed fun to play:cap_rambo::cap_like:

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