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[XODUS] - Fallen Exodus - Join the fun!

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Two Brits, an Indonesian Japanese living in Germany,  and a French walk into a bar.

Sounds like the beginning of a joke to you? Then you're in the right place for a good laugh.


XODUS is a lighthearted clan that sticks out by its diversity and carry potential (weekends not always included). Although our chat language is English, you will hear diverse accents (sometimes with extra thiccness). We would like to grow in numbers to be able to take part in Clan Battles more often, seriously but not to a tryhard extent.


What are we expecting of you ?
As would a grumpy old gnome say, that you are able to "find your butt without a map". A microphone would be preferable but that's not mandatory, we even have those that are deaf and hard of hearing (Jai is old). Not being too far from tier 10 if you don't have one of these already. That you play with us when you can. That you aren't a duck. Especially not a chunky one.


Here's our discord, come and join us ! - https://discord.gg/Xcr35C5


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