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[DKM] NA server Clan - RECRUITING!

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Ahoy there me scurvy shipmates!


Here I am again after long time. How are you all doing and how is EU server doing?

I play in NA server since 2016 & I am a clan member of [DKM] the real Kriegsmarine but not the fake one with [_DKM_] or [-DKM-]. 
Most of our clan members are from Germany, couple of US & I am from Netherlands. DKM is Always highest league since CW was introuced. 
Our clan recruiting new shipmates! we got another 14 ports left in our clan base for new shipmate. 


All EU based NA players are welcom to join Kriegsmarine!


What we offer
* Divisions to pad stats and share the salt
* Feedback so that you can stop being a filthy potato and join the unicom master race
* Discor Server
* German language courses because we swear a lot


Requirements for the new applicants

* Must be over 18 years old
* Above 50% winrate
* Have played at least 2000 random battles and 2 T10 Ships
* Actually want to improve as a player


Contact me for further info in Discord  OMG_Noob #8808 or you can contact me in port chat. 

My in game same as here OMG_Noob 


Proud to be a Kriegsmarine and have fun commanders!

Fair Winds and Following Seas!


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