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Extra Credits - Ladders and Team Games

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I just watched this today and I realised a few of the thoughts and ideas raised applied to our favourite warship game...

No, not that one- no, not that one either.

I'm talking about WoWS, of course!


There are several things in the game already that are obviously there to reward players for continued play - things like the daily containers. You can earn containers regardless of if you're on a winning streak or a losing streak. Even the progress of moving to the next tier can be seen as a reward - although for WoWS it does seem to fall under the 'no reward for months' problem that EC points out.

I wonder if an improvement to the 'ladder' schemes used in WoWS could be what we need to improve a lot of the toxicity in the community?

Certainly today alone I've seen at least five different threads opened complaining about some form of toxic behaviour or another.


How does the community think WoWS could improve using the examples given in the video?

Also, @Tuccy, @Crysantos, @MrConway, can you guys possibly make the dev team aware of the video? Might be a useful thing to discuss over a coffee break, or something...

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No worries, the ExtraCredits guys are a regular watching material - heck, we had some partnerships with the ExtraHistory branch in the past :)

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