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JRM clan from EX-Yugoslavia

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Hello all!

A little more than a recruitment message from myself. Wish to tell a story a share it with WG community.


I live in Novi Sad , Serbia , three kids , 36 years old. My free time i usually spend playing online games. Primary games in past 5 years were World of Warplanes and now World of Warships. Since WG has a strong comunity and cares about players , I wish to tell a story about friendship , and if WG considered it might be usefull to publish on WG site (ships) , I would be most gratefull. 

I started to play world of warplanes years ago  , bcs i got an email invitation. Never was into tanks  , i was in BVP-M80a army vehicle when i served as a soldier.

In WOWP there were not so many players (1000-3000 daily) , so we started to recognize each others in battles. Then i entered clan(P__E ) with some good buddies , played clan battles , comunicated daily on teamspeak , and now in Viber group. 

I also installed WOWS when it came out. For some time i played both , and when WG decided to publish version 2.0 , my clan any buddies from server were so dissapointed , and slowly switched to WOWS. 

Well , WOWS player base is much , much bigger , but i also started to meet some interesting ppl. We made a clan JRM  Jugoslovenska Ratna Mornarica (Jugoslav navy) , because members are from all Balkan , and you know that there was a war in the 1990. Now using discord to comunicate , and also viber group in which daily geos around 150-200 msg,(muted group :Smile-_tongue:) We like the fact that game  surpases national differences. Members are from  Slovenia,Croatia , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Serbia , Montenegro and Macedonia. We have all hell of a time chating every night , and playing together , basically we know quite a lot about each other. JRM consists of 40 members whiach are 25-60 years old. Thos guys are my second familly !!!

Soooo , one night we decided since we hang around every night on discord , to make a 3-day meeting , where we can meet in live. The location was in the middle of Balkan , Sarajevo ,  so many of us travelled 5-6 hours just to be there. Meeting happened 27.04.2018-29.04.2018. Myself , for that occasion made T-shirts with clan logo and nicknames from WOWS on the back of the shirt.

We had a good time, and will surely repeat it again next year , but in some other city!

The modest players who were there are : Winjak , RusAlkoholicar , alen1989 , zwer1982(and his wife) , elzviz , otactejebo. Others could not make it , but it will be better since this was our first meeting.


So if you feel to join such a clan ,feel free to contact us !


Pictures from meeting are below!





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Great story, it's nice to see people are brought together by a game. Specially considering history of Balkan region. Keep it going guys! All the best in the future! 



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*Removed some non-English posts.

If you want to write on the Clan Section on a different language other than the one supported, it always needs to come accompanied with its translation to English.

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