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Build for Republique

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Hello fellow captains,


I was wondering what build(s) might fit me when i get to the republique.

Im at the Richelieu atm having a ton of fun in it but im not sure what build would fit me when i get to t10.

I am an agressive bb captain that usually has his ship at the frontlines, (and occasionaly going too far and regretting life choices)

I understand there are different build for this t10 and im not sure which would fit me better so im asking for peoples experiences.


Although my GK has a sec build it also has a lot of armour, wich the republique lacks. 

I love secondary specs but i want to live long enough to still be effective so a tank build that drops the manual is also an option for me.


My montana and conqueror both have full stealth build.

My yamato has secondary spec but the exeption of the mod, it has aiming systems instead.

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I went with a tank build (PT, AR, EM, SI, BoS, CE, FP) along with the accuracy and reload modules and I'm quite happy with it. 


If I ever want to have a secondary build on a French ship it will probably be the Alsace

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Having only 2 turret is it worthy going PM instead of PT? in case any turret gets knocked out !

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For some short fun you can always go secondary build, those are quite potent on her... Just don't expect any majestic results from those games


She has no armour and especially if you tend to play aggressively - tank build seems the only thing that makes sense to increase her survivability.

Look at her as a far bigger & fatter version of Conq in this regard - same 32mm all over (and before someone says that those torp bulges make a difference - maybe for AP, but since they cover only her main belt any HE eaten by them would have shattered anyway). Difference being that you don't have the heal to deal with all the fires that the murderous HE spam will set on you


So... PM -> AR -> BoS / SI -> CE -> FP & SI / BoS -> HA / JoaT / EM


PM is a definite "yes please" over the PT as I've left plenty of Republics to sail around with a single turret. I'm sure you can see how that would be annoying. And don't forget to equip the main battery thing in the 1st slot aswell

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