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Good evening fellow captains, 


After the new update we have a lot more radar ships in the game what make it difficult to play dd or what ever. My opninion is that there is atm too much radar in game sometime 7 ships they would cut this to the max of 2 or 3 per team. But why does wargaming don't make a consumable to avoid the radar like stealt or so, I mean that you can use youre consumble when radar is spawn but they cant detect you like now days. but that you have to go slow down to a few knots to stay undetected and a screen where other ships cani hide 2 but not the duration like smoke or radar but just for 15 or 20 sec this will make it a lot better I think in game for all players, not only for dd but also for bb and make more fun for cruisers to come in battle instead of hiding behind island.


I hope some of you follow my opninion or have other idea about this 


greetz ruffencks


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There is no pointing adding another consumable that counters Radar, or perhaps then we should add another consumable that counters the Radar counter, and so on.


Instead, learn what has Radar, the range, duration, cooldown, etc, remember that tier 9 and 10 cruisers have the possibility of fitting Surveillance Radar Modification 1.


As a DD there are other things you can do to improve your odds against Radar.

  • Check what radar exists at the start of the game.
  • If there is a lot play safer until you know where they are.
  • Plan a route including a method of escape.
  • Spot Radar capable cruisers for BBs to deal with.
  • Be careful not to act in such a way that you reveal to an enemy Radar cruiser that you are there, like popping smoke to fire guns, torping at short range if you can be easily identified or even pressuring caps, if this puts you at risk of being revealed by Radar.


It can also be useful to try and play as a Radar cruiser and learn the limitations of its use, and take advantage of these limitations when you're on the receiving end.


You can't always avoid Radar, but a counter consumable would be impractical. You can, however, learn to work around Radar, and destroyers are often in a better position to be very effective if they last later into a game so the change of behaviour to be more cautious can be very beneficial.

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Are the radar ships overplayed right now? Yes. Is it because those are new / changed ships that have them? Yes. Will this end soon? Yes.


This is exactly as it is always when a new line / ship is released - give it a few days and the MM will go back to normal

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