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Searching for weekly active clan with discord, etc.

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First, I have to spill the beans.. I used to AFK/exit matches... A lot, due to struggling PC. so my winrate is pretty bad.. but if you look up a site that have newer stats you'll see I've improved greatly. Got a new PC and no more AFK, so please look at my recent score https://eu.warships.today/player/541949826/somaline 51% winrate. I pay for premium and buy premium ships from time to time, last one being the Atlanta.


I can mostly play between thursday-sunday, but if the clan wants I'll ofcourse jump in. Looking for a clan to do divisions with and clan battles if the opportunity rises, I'm fairly quite in voice channels but just happy to take orders.


Pm me ingame if you wanna know more.


OT: I'm also pretty good with graphic design and music production... So I can make stuff for the clan.. :Smile_hiding:




And some of my grapihcs: http://dirtnoise.imgur.com


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